“Our leadership and commitment to Healthpeak’s corporate governance framework provides the foundation for financial integrity and sustainable performance.”

Troy E. McHenry, EVP, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


Corporate governance is a vital component of achieving our business objectives and properly managing risk. We are committed to corporate governance practices that promote long-term value creation, transparency, and accountability to our stakeholders.

We review corporate governance best practices and trends on an ongoing basis and look to proactively improve our governance framework.

Whistleblower Hotline

Our vendors and business partners are encouraged to report violations of our Codes through our secure Whistleblower Hotline.

All reports of known or suspected violations of the law or our Codes will be handled sensitively and with discretion. The confidentiality of any reporting person will be protected to the extent possible, consistent with applicable law and the Company’s need to effectively investigate the reported concern.


Ethical Boardroom Corporate Governance Award

We were the winner of Ethical Boardroom’s 2019 Corporate Governance Award for North American REITs.

2020 Women on Boards

We have been recognized as a Winning Company by 2020 Women on Boards for women comprising 20% or more of our Board members.

Pay & Performance Alignment

Our executive compensation program is designed to incentivize long-term value creation for our stockholders. Short- and long-term incentive awards are based on rigorous objective, at-risk performance metrics.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics establishes obligations for ethical conduct and compliance practices for our employees, officers, and directors.

Vendor Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Vendor Code of Business Conduct and Ethics establishes expectations for ethical business practices and regulatory compliance in our value chain for our vendors.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines promotes the functioning of the Board and its committees and sets forth a common set of expectations as to how the Board should perform its functions.

* Information as of December 31, 2019.