As a company driven by value creation, we strive to advance our building performance and resilience through efficient measures. Our environmental responsibility efforts drive value for all of our stakeholders by identifying projects that mitigate environmental impacts, enhance property resiliency, deliver return on investment, and reduce operating costs.



Earned the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award in 2023, 2022 and 2017 for leading energy management practices and energy efficiency and was named an Executive Member of ENERGY STAR’s Certification Nation for earning 45 new ENERGY STAR certifications in 2022.

184 ENERGY STAR Certifications.* ENERGY STAR certified buildings meet strict energy performance standards.

LEED-Certified Properties

5.3 Million Square Feet of LEED-Certified Properties.* LEED certifications are awarded to high performing green buildings.

We target LEED Gold for Lab developments.

GHG Emissions Reduction

16.1% GHG emissions reduction since 2018. 8,342 CO2e metric tonnes in GHG emissions saved in 2022 for a cumulative total of 38,210 CO2e metric tonnes saved since 2018.*

That’s the equivalent of removing 8,053 cars from the road.

Waste and Recycling Increase

4.2% increase in recycling since 2020. 244 additional metric tonnes diverted from landfills in 2022 for a cumulative increase of 265 metric tonnes diverted from landfills since 2020.

That’s the weight of 97 elephants.

Energy Consumption Reduction

2.0% energy consumption reduction since 2020. 15,158 megawatt hours in energy usage savings in 2022 for a cumulative total of 20,625 megawatt hours saved since 2020.*

That’s enough energy to charge over 5,668 electric vehicles for one year.

Water Consumption Reduction

3.1% water consumption reduction since 2020. 4.55 million gallons of water saved in 2022 for a cumulative decrease of 29.9 million gallons of water saved since 2020.*

That’s the equivalent of 227 million water bottles.

* Information as of December 31, 2022 (on a like-for-like basis).