Corporate Impact at Healthpeak

Our commitment to generating sustained value for our stakeholders extends beyond the economic realm to each dimension of sustainability and corporate impact. Our environmental and social programs strive to provide a positive impact on our communities, while our governance initiatives incorporate sustainability as a critical component of achieving our business objectives and properly managing risk.

“Our corporate impact initiatives continue to reduce our carbon footprint at our facilities and further our commitment to being a good corporate citizen.”

Thomas Klaritch – Chief Operating Officer


Nareit Healthcare Leader in the Light

Received the Nareit Healthcare Leader in the Light award 10 times.

CDP Leadership Band

Named to the CDP Leadership Band for 11 consecutive years.

GRESB Global Healthcare Sector Leader

  • Received the GRESB Green Star recognition for 12 consecutive years.
  • Named GRESB Global Healthcare Sector Leader 3 times.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

  • Named to the DJSI North America Index for 11 consecutive years.
  • Named to the DJSI World Index 4 times.

FTSE4Good Index

Named to the FTSE4Good Index for 12 consecutive years.


Earned the 2024 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, marking Healthpeak’s fourth time being named Partner of the Year and first time being recognized for Sustained Excellence.

In 2023, we earned 132 aggregate ENERGY STAR certifications, and combined with 41 aggregate ENERGY STAR certifications earned by Physicians Realty Trust in 2023, our merged company earned 173 total certifications in 2023.

Key Stats

GHG Emissions Reduction

Since 2011, our environmental initiatives have resulted in a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within our operations. In 2023 alone, we eliminated 4,749 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Energy Consumption Reduction

We have achieved 34% completion toward our 10-year goal to reduce energy consumption by 15% by 2030. We saved 20,534 MWh in 2023 for a 5.1% cumulative reduction since 2020 on a like-for-like basis.

Female Employees

Women account for 48% of our workforce, and 34% of our management positions.*

Annual Charitable Donations

In 2023, we partnered with over 100 charitable organizations and donated over $700,000 to support research, education, and other activities related to health and well-being, education for underrepresented communities, and disaster relief.**

* Information as of December 31, 2023.
**Includes 2023 initiatives and combined giving for both Healthpeak and Physicians Realty Trust.