Thomas M. Klaritch

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Klaritch has been our Chief Operating Officer since September 2017. In addition, he leads our Outpatient Medical segment. Mr. Klaritch previously served as Executive Vice President – Outpatient Medical from April 2008 to August 2017 and as Senior Vice President – Outpatient Medical from October 2003 to April 2008. Prior to joining Healthpeak, he was a founding member and Chief Financial Officer of MedCap Properties LLC, a company that owned, operated and developed healthcare real estate. (Healthpeak acquired MedCap Properties LLC in October 2003.) Mr. Klaritch has over 38 years of operational and financial management experience in the outpatient medical and hospital sectors. He is a Fellow in the Healthcare Financial Management Association and served on the Board of Directors of the University City District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Klaritch is also a certified public accountant - Inactive.